Room Rental Policies

Room Security Deposit: A $100 deposit is required for Rooms 1, 2, 3, and the Birthday Party Package; a $200 deposit is required for the Activity Center. 
Non-Refundable Deposit: A "hold" deposit of $50 is required on top of the security deposit for all room rentals. A "hold" deposit of $20 is required for all gymnasium rentals. These deposits are non-refundable and go towards your rental balance. 
Birthday Party Package: Includes a 5-hour rental in Room 2 and a 2-hour rental in the gymnasium. Bounce houses or petting farms are NOT permitted for rentals. No food is allowed in the gymnasium. 
Rental Request Deadline: If a rental is requested less than ten business days of the event date, the rental time must be within the pre-scheduled time for the building staff hours of that day. Rentals booked less than ten business days from the reservation date will be assessed a $25 surcharge. 
Cancellation Policy: Room, and gymnasium rentals must be cancelled at least five business days in advance to receive a refund. Refunds will be less the hold deposit and any credit/debit service fees. Refunds may take 3-4 weeks to process and will be mailed to the contract holder directly. Cancellations of less than five business days will not be issued a refund. Reservation date may be rescheduled at no additional charge, pending availability. Rescheduling a date must be done at least three business days prior to the current reservation date. 
Remaining Balance for Room/Gymnasium Rentals: The balance must be paid ten business days prior to the rental. If the rental fee is not paid ten business days in advance, a $25 late fee will be assessed. If the balance is paid ten business days or less - the payment must be in cash, money order or credit/debit - no personal checks will be accepted. 
Rental Etiquette: Room rentals must respect the staff, other patrons and the facility of the Recreation Authority. Noise level should be kept to an appropriate level as to not disrupt other gatherings or programs occurring in the facility. Minors must be fully supervised in and outside of the rented room by an adult.  Minors are not permitted to be outside of the room in the lobbies or hallways unattended. Food and beverage must be consumed in the rented room only. Food and beverages are permitted outside of the room for transportation purposes only. Contract holders are responsible for the guests of their party. 
Permitted items/services for Room rentals:
●balloons                                      ●chafing dishes
●balloon arches                            ●small Bluetooth speaker or radio
●backdrops                                   ●one extra 4 ft collapsible or card table 
●table covers                                ●non-alcoholic beverages 
●chair covers                                ●wall decorations – MUST use Blue Painters Tape only!

●centerpieces (no live flame)        ●concession equipment – MUST be personally owned

Alcohol Policy: Alcohol is NOT allowed at the Recreation Authority Center or Roseville parks. Beer & wine is allowed in Eastpointe parks, please see list of parks on the park rental policy page. Glass is not permitted in any park at any time.
Entertainment Policy: Additional entertainment that requires liability insurance, such as bounce houses/inflatables, soft play, petting farms, pony rides, trains, dunk tanks, gaming trucks, concession items and tent/table/chairs are NOT permitted for rentals. Entertainers such as clowns, magicians, face painters or characters ARE permitted for rentals. A notice of entertainers is appreciated, but not required.
Day of Event: Responsible party (contract holder) must be on site for the entire rental, the room and/or gymnasium will not be available until renter arrives.
Additional Contract Holder: One additional contract holder may be added to a reservation contract. A request form must be filled out and submitted to the Recreation Authority Main Office staff prior to the additional persons being added. The fee to add an additional contract holder is $25 per rental.
Security Deposit Return for Room Rentals: Deposit will be refunded and mailed 3-4 weeks following the rental date, provided the condition of the room does not require additional maintenance, renter does not exceed rental period and contract requirements are adhered to. If renter contract requirements are not adhered to, amount withheld from deposit is made by the discretion of the Recreation Authority.

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