Park Rentals

Rentals for park pavilions begins the first Monday in February.
Our park pavilions are available for rent from May to September. During the months of May and September rentals must be on a Saturday or Sunday from 10:00am-8:00pm. Each area offers a beautiful natural landscape for those memorable family events. Contact our team directly for further information on permits. Alcohol IS permitted for Eastpointe Parks; alcohol IS NOT permitted for Roseville Parks. Refunds are not processed for inclement weather.

NOT permitted for use for rentals:
Inflatables, tents/tables/chairs (rented from companies), trailers, concessions, petting farms/zoos, ponies, motorized entertainment, water features, DJ's, bands/musical entertainment, games rented by vendors, ground fires and vehicles are not allowed on park grounds.

Permitted for use at rentals:
Live entertainment such as characters, magicians, clowns and face painters are permitted to be hired for confirmed rentals. Live entertainment does not include petting zoos or pony rides. 

Pavilion & Gazebo Rental Rates:

Pavilions with Electricity (minimum 5 hour rental):
Resident: $15 per hour
Non-Resident: $20 per hour

Pavilions without Electricity (minimum 5 hour rental)
Resident: $10 per hour
Non-Resident: $15 per hour

(minimum 2 hour rental, does not have picnic tables)
Resident: $25 per hour
Non-Resident: $50 per hour

Please Note: If a rental is requested within 10 business days of the event date, the rental time must be within the pre-scheduled time for the building or park staff hours for that day.  No pavilion rentals may be booked if there is not a pre-determined staff scheduled for that park on the requested date.  If available, rentals booked within 10 business days from the reservation date will be assessed a $25 surcharge.

Roseville Park Pavilion Locations:
Dooley Park – 30889 Edison PICTURE
Huron Park – 18605 Frazho PICTURE
Macomb Gardens – 25271 Macomb Street PICTURE
Rotary Park – 29571 Utica PICTURE
Veteran’s Memorial Park – 27325 Barkman PICTURE

Eastpointe Pavilion Locations
Kennedy Park – 24517 Schroeder PICTURE
Memorial Park – 24820 Flower PICTURE
Spindler Park – 19400 Stephens PICTURE