Party Game Kits

Want to add a little more fun to your party? The Recreation Authority offers Party Game Kits for all your gaming needs! Getting your family friendly competition games through the Recreation Authority saves you time and money! Kits are available on a first come, first serve basis; items are limited. Kits must be picked up one business day prior to the event date and returned one business day following the event, unless Party Game Kits are rented with a Recreation Authority Center Room Rental. No refunds will be given for Party Game Kits. Rentals are limited to three (3) items. 

Games include: Giant "It's Dicey", Tug of War Rope, Saucer Slam, Kickball Set, Baggo, Sports Ball Set, Enorma Egg & Spoon Race Kit, Giant Cannonball Drop, Kangasacks, Crossnet, Ladderball, "Pin" Skin, Giant Tower, Washer Toss, Cliff Hanger
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$30 per rental

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