Parent/Child Caricature Workshop

Ages 6+
Are you looking for a fun experience to create art with your child? Artist Andrew Sigman will help you make a memorable time in this workshop. Before class begins, he will draw a caricature of each parent/child couple. Next, there will be a short class, intended to be easy for youth to follow, but also informative and entertaining for adults. He will show how to visualize the face in a simplified way, what is needed to capture a person's likeness, and tips so one can make fast decisions. The remainder of time will be spent putting this new knowledge into practice, with parents drawing children and children drawing parents. Parents and children will leave with increased knowledge about drawing, a caricature of themselves, and the caricatures they created on cardstock in plastic sleeves. All materials will be provided.

TUESDAY, November 14

Resident: $17
Non-Resident: $22

*Parent/guardian does not need to register
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