SMART Van Transportation

Designed for Eastpointe and Roseville residents who are 55 years and older or those who are permanently disabled and who have no other means of transportation are eligible for this program. This is a curb to curb service. If you are utilizing any medical equipment, please indicate this when scheduling. 

Scheduling Phone Line: (586) 445-5482
Scheduling hours: Monday - Friday

Bus rides run from 8:30am-3:30pm

Riders should be ready 15 minutes ahead of their scheduled pick-up time; if you are not prepared to leave 5 minutes after your scheduled time the drivers may leave the location without rescheduling. This is necessary in order to maintain a timely schedule for all passengers utilizing our service.

Medical appointments and shopping runs take priority over other ride requests.

Boundaries: North side of 8 Mile to South side of 15 Mile; West side of Jefferson to East side of Hoover. Ascension Main (Mack and Moross) is an exception to these boundaries. 
No same day rides may be scheduled

All rides are $1 each way

*Medical appointments can be made 6 weeks in advance

Schedules are subject to change based on van dispatcher discretion.
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