Youth Sports Overview

Rewarding Youth Sports Programs Now Available for Kids of All Ages!
Here at the Recreational Authority of Roseville & Eastpointe, we offer a broad range of instructional classes and sports leagues for children across the preschool, elementary, middle, and high school levels. Taught by our experienced instructors, children will develop a sense of community and sportsmanship, while gaining self-esteem and self-confidence. Families return regularly after children discover enthusiasm and athletic passion through our youth sports programs.

Please review our available selection of programs below to learn more:

We offer a comprehensive selection of special events that enable children to harness and showcase their individual talents while enjoying friendly competition among friends and family.

  • Hot Shot Competition


Our Start Smart programs provide children with the greatest range of fundamental  skills for growth in various sporting disciplines. (Ages 3-5)

  • Start Smart Soccer & Start Smart Basketball (fall)
  • Start Smart Soccer & Start Smart Sports Development (spring)

Our NAAMA Karate program helps young children develop poise, strength and flexibility to achieve their sporting objectives as they develop.

Gymnastics instruction offers children the opportunity to increase their strength, flexibility, and coordination from an early age.

Our middle school volleyball league empowers participants to develop a sense of teamwork and enthusiasm for the game while gaining important fundamental skills.
Our unique selection of basketball programs and leagues offer boys and girls the opportunity to improve their skills and socialize with kids their own age. Our programs ensure continuous growth, whether children are new to the game of basketball or are preparing for advanced play at the high school level.

  • 1st & 2nd Grade Basketball
  • Girl’s Elementary Basketball (Grades 3rd–6th)
  • Boy’s Elementary JV & Varsity Basketball (Grades 2nd–5th)
  • Boy’s Middle School Basketball (Grades 6th - 8th)
  • Boys High School 3 v 3 Basketball League (Grades 9th - 12th)
  • Youth Basketball Open Gym (Ages 7-17)


The Recreation Authority’s cheerleading squads are designed to help children enhance their understanding of timing and rhythm while working as a team to build group performance.

  • 1st & 2nd Grade Cheerleading
  • Elementary Cheerleading (Grades 3rd–5th)

The Recreation Authority offers several unique tennis lesson styles for all ages. We’ll help kids and adults build their strength and fitness level while they gain an appreciation for the challenging techniques tennis requires.

  • Indoor Tennis Lessons
  • Holiday Tennis Tournament
  • Outdoor Tennis Lessons (at Spindler Park)

Children will discover their love of baseball through the Recreation Authority’s introductory T-Ball league. This program will help lay the foundation for future training in this exciting sport! (Ages 5-6)

From recreational games to the major leagues, our baseball programs offer children the chance to grasp the fundamentals of the sport and reinforce their love of the game. Kids will learn the value of strength, coordination and teamwork as they improve their on-the-field technique.

  • Boy’s  ages 7-17


Our softball leagues are designed to help children grasp the core techniques of the game and allow them to successfully move forward in the sport. Each age division is designed to respond to the needs of each child’s diverse skill level.

  • Girl’s  ages 7-16


To learn more about the full array of youth sports programs and leagues now available through the Recreation Authority of Roseville & Eastpointe,
contact our staff today at (586) 445-5480. We’ll help find a
program that suits your child’s unique abilities!